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Hi there, I am Ginny Loveless. I am interested in the construction and purchase of new vehicles, like cars, trucks and vans. Automakers today are constantly evolving their vehicles to net better gas mileage, improve aesthetics, increase power and boost safety ratings. The different build types play a role in each vehicle's characteristics. Once the vehicles are produced, dealerships order tons of different models to meet customers' preferences. You can go down to the dealership at any time to grab the perfect vehicle for your needs. Furthermore, you can custom order vehicles from most automakers. The blend of features, colors and power components you pick creates a truly unique vehicle that suits your needs. I will share more information about these subjects and related topics on my website. I hope you come back soon. Thank you.

3 Things To Look At Before Driving A New Car Off The Dealership Lot

If you have decided that you are going to purchase a brand new car, then you might not be too worried about its condition. Of course, with a used car, you would probably want to have a mechanic check it over, and you may want to do a thorough inspection yourself. You might not be as concerned about doing these things when buying a new car, but this doesn't mean that there aren't certain things that you should look for before purchasing.

1. The Paint Job

It is true that a new car often looks very bright and shiny when it's at the car dealership. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't perform a careful inspection of the vehicle's paint job before you purchase it. There could be small scratches or dings that could have happened during test drives or while the vehicle was being washed at the dealership, for example. If you notice any imperfections, you may want to look at another new car, or you may want to use this damage as a negotiating point when haggling for a lower price.

2. The Interior

Additionally, it's important to carefully check out the interior. Make sure that there are no stains, odors, tears in the seats, or other issues. 

3. The Mileage

When you're buying a new car at a new car price, it's important to look for a car that has low mileage. Of course, the car may have some mileage on the odometer because of test drives, sales professionals moving it around the lot, and other things. However, if there are too many miles on the odometer, it could be a sign that the car was heavily test driven or that something else might be amiss.

4. The Cleanliness

When you buy a brand new car, you probably want for it to have that new car look and the new car smell. If the car is dirty, ask about having it detailed before you leave the lot. Many dealerships will do this for free.

5. The Gas Gauge

You probably want to drive your brand new car all around town so that you can enjoy it and show it off. Luckily, many dealerships will give you a full tank of gas when you purchase a new car, so if you notice that the car doesn't have a full tank, consider asking your sales professional about it.

As you can see, it's a good idea to look at certain things when you're buying a brand new car from the dealership. Then, you can help ensure that you're getting a car that you will be happy with and that you are getting the best deal possible.