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Green Guide To Buying Used Buses For Business Purposes

If you need a used bus for business purposes but are concerned about environmental impact, there are some green features you can use in order to maximize being green. Here's a guide for how to be a green bus user as a business, as well as why this is beneficial.

Be Seen Going Green

There's definitely a trend these days towards the public finding ways to decrease their environmental impact and create a greener planet. As a result, there is a lot of positive pressure out there for businesses to go green. It's hard to imagine better PR for a business in many sectors than to be able to proudly tout their green credentials.

You can definitely increase exposure this way since plenty of people look specifically for green companies, especially companies trying to save in the area of transportation since this can be an area where a lot of fossil fuels are expended.

Electric Buses

One of the best ways to contribute is to buy a used electric bus. There are plenty of them on the market now since electric buses have been out long enough as a technology by this point. The advantage here is that the bus will work without burning any fossil fuels that dump dangerous greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

This can also serve as a living billboard for your company since you can advertise that your company is actively using the bus for its transportation of employees or customers in a way that helps to save the planet.


Another effective approach for looking for an eco-friendly bus is to locate one that burns biofuels. These are fuels that make use of organic approaches that will burn cleaner in the atmosphere. For example, instead of using traditional petroleum oil, you can get a bus that's able to run optimally on vegetable oil as an alternative.

The principle is the same, burning energy for power, but the gas that's released is much cleaner. Additionally, if you can't find a bus that can run on this biofuel by itself, you can always find one that runs on a mix which will still be better than running pure traditional fuels. You can run a ratio of 20% biofuel to 80% diesel, for example.

This is known to be an effective ratio for making sure that you reap maximum cost and environmental benefits. This is because you don't have to put much money into find a fully converted biodiesel bus. 

Keep these tips in mind when you visit a dealership like Sawyers Bus Sales to shop for used buses.